Hi, My name is Dave Hickman.I live in the Cariboo in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my wife Cheryle, two horses – Remy(paint), and Doc(QH), and my dog – Brew. I am an Equitation Canada Competition Coach and a Chris Irwin certified Trainer.

My goal has been and is still to look for a better way to work with horses based on their rules not people rules. Over the years I have worked with many horses, some colts and some in their senior years. I have attended seminars, watched countless hours of DVD’s and attended encampments with some of today’s best known clinicians. I have submitted DVD’s for evaluation and certification with Pat Parelli, participated in certification programs with Jonathan Field and Chris Irwin and attended countless clinics with well respected clinicians such as Buck Brannaman, Monte Roberts, John Lyons, Dr. Andrew McLeod, Craig Cameron and Lynda Tellington Jones. By studying the style of these clinicians I have been able to put together a training program that I thought would work for the horse based on a philosophy I heard from one of my mentors many years ago.

  1.  I don’t get hurt
  2. The horse doesn’t get hurt
  3. The horse is calmer at the end of the lesson than at the beginning.

Through my education with these clinicians I have been able to build a confidence in my students, build courage, confidence AND competence in their horses  and by using the Building Block method of teaching expand the comfort level of the rider AND the horse without the use of fear.

It is the basis of all my Training Tips. I believe in Foundation before Specialization. It may take a little longer in the beginning but when you get to advanced training it will pay dividends because your horse is both physically and mentally ready for the challenge. You will learn how to apply this Foundation working In Hand and Under Saddle and your horse will respond in a relaxed willing manner because he/she understands the aid and understands what is expected of him/her. To me it was never about the clinicians I watched but their effect on the horses they worked with.

I hope you will find these Training Tips both entertaining and informative.  

Your horse will thank you!

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